About us

Since its foundation on August 1992, when we had only four employees and in times when it was bold to start and maintain any business, the Company has established a clear vision – to create a recognizable brand and to become one of the major players in the bakery industry in the region, applying advanced expertise, latest technical and technological solutions

and with capacities both meeting the market needs, and enabling implementation of our own ideas and solutions.
By producing recognizable high quality products, which meet the requirements and needs of our buyers, by improving our products and product lines, and by educating our employees, we are contributing to and taking part in improving the overall quality of life in our society.

All these years, quality was always our priority. This implies skilled workers, who are continually doing their best to find new solutions which they put into practice, and who are improving their own work skills and personality on a daily basis. The result of such an arrangement of business priorities is true friendly and family surroundings in which it is a pleasure to work, and in which the achievements of our colleagues make us happy as our own, which they indeed are. Our satisfaction is also reflected on our clients. Therefore, we have recruited over 1,300 truly satisfied buyers.

After having constructed this system of operation, we became a medium enterprise, which imposed itself as market leader in the industry, and we are satisfied with the fact that our professionalism and operation are equal to those of much bigger international companies in the industry.

We were among the first in the industry to reach our goal of meeting new challenges and improving our operation when at the beginning of the year 2007, we adopted the standardised quality management system ISO 9001:2008 for the whole range of our products, and HACCP system for the production of wheat tortillas and powdery products. By adopting the above standards, we have clearly defined all segments of our operation, as our aim is to improve our business and production processes, to meet the requirements of our buyers more easily, to decrease the possibility of making mistakes, and, what is most important – to produce healthy food. In the realisation of this project, we had the best possible support from the Economic Chamber of Serbia, GTZ (Germany) and TÜV (Germany) and their members in our country. These names are telling all about quality and labor incorporated in implementation of ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP systems.

We are in particular proud of our definite focusing on the buyer, on our ability to always give a good advice to our buyers, and to present them a product which meets all their requirements, both in terms of timeliness and production principles. The result of our strivings and investments into our own development and the development of our buyers is the absolute confidence and satisfaction of all those who have cooperation work with us.

PIP D.O.O. Company has its own laboratory and experimental bakery (DEMO CENTRE).

We sell our products on the following markets: B&H, FRY Macedonia, Bulgaria and Montenegro.