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  • Frosti Plus

    Frosti Plus

    Its purpose is for intended  production of frozen yeast or yeast products .

  • Tostoposto


    It is intended to produce toasted bread. It improves elasticity and workability of dough, improves the structure of products middle, moderate increases volume, inhibits the growth

  • Panon


    Facilitates processing of dough, improves the elasticity of dough, glue strengthens, increasing the volume of products, but primarily affects the freshness and aroma of bread,

  • Pip Fresh

    Pip Fresh

    It is designed for when making rye bread and pastries as well as the development of mixed rye bread and pastry.Improves freshness of products, allows higher water absorption,

  • Frosti


    It is intended for the production of leavened products leaf undergoing the process of termination fernetation was at the beginning of fermentation or lapse of time, freezing and subsequent baking.

  • Extra Fresh

    Extra Fresh

    Izrazito utiče na produženje svežine svih upakovanih i neupakovanih proizvoda, olakšava obradu testa, poboljšava svojstva testa, ojačava lepak u testu, povećava zapreminu hleba.