Pob Digo

Facilitates processing of dough, improves the properties of dough, glue strengthens of dough, increasing the volume of bread, allows greater absorption of water and extends

the freshness and durability of the finished product.Gives uniform middle part and thin crust.Improves color cover. It is intended for the production of free baked and molded bread.

Dosage of 0.3 to 0.6% compared to the mass of flour for bread and 0.5 to 0.8% on the mass of flour for pastries. 

Product Weight 0.58 kg before baking
Product Weight 0.50 kg after baking
Total pieces of product: 27.5
Mixing time: 3 + 6 minutes (spiral mixer)
Dough temperature: 28-30 ° C
Fermentation in bulk: 20 minutes
Final proof : 60-70 minutes
Baking temperature: about 240 ° C
Baking time: 23-25 minutes

Raw material Share(%) Quantity(kg) 
Wheat flour  100 10
Yeast 2.5 0.25
Salt 2.0 0.20
Pod Digo 0.4 0.04
Water 55 5.5
Total:   15.99