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  • Raža


    This product, based on rye flour is intended for the production of mixed rye bread and rye-based pastry .Product contain a large quantity macromateria, potassium and magnesium,

  • Dijet Plus

    Dijet Plus

    Mix “Diet Plus” is made for production of bread and pastry that contains heigh amount of proteins and fibers. Reduced digestible carbohydrate, increased content of ballast substances, these products

  • Premium Čarolija

    Premium Čarolija

    It is aimed at making bread and pastry.Carefuly selected seed oil crops, corns, wheat flour will give you unique taste and odor that will remain memorable. Mixture can be combined with

  • Dijet Plus

    Dijet Plus

    Dijet Plus je namenjen za proizvodnju hleba i peciva sa povećanim sadržajem proteina i vlakana. Preporučuje se osobama koje imaju problema sa probavom, sportistima i deci u razvoju.

  • Kukuruza


    This product is based on corn flour, intended for the production of mixed corn bread and pastry. Products prepared from these samples were easily digested, specific mild flavor,

  • Premium Zrna

    Premium Zrna

    It is aimed at making dark, dense bread, characteristic odor and taste characteristic rye and wheat integral flour. Seeds and other ingredients of this product provides an aromatic flavor

  • Bundeva


    The pumpkin mixture intended for the production of bread and pastry rich in protein and fiber. The characteristic color and aroma that comes from the ground seed cake naked pumpkin (pumpkin flour).

  • Premium Rustico

    Premium Rustico

    Smeša u svom sastavu nema pšeničnog brašna (osnovu čini integralno raženo brašno), nema dodatih prirodnih i veštačkih boja. Namenjena je za proizvodnju hleba bogatog proteinima i vlaknima.

  • Vodeničar


    The composition of the mixture of wheat flour results obtained by grinding the whole grain. In this way, they reflect all minerals, vitamins and proteins that provides the most important cereals in the diet.