This product, based on rye flour is intended for the production of mixed rye bread and rye-based pastry .Product contain a large quantity macromateria, potassium and magnesium,

vitamins B1 and B2, and lignin that have anticancer, antiviral and antifungal property.Products containing rye , are recommended to persons with high blood pressure, suffering from diabetes, children and the elderly.

Dosage 100%

Product Weight before baking: 0.36 kg
Product Weight after baking: 0.30 kg
Total pieces of product: 45.7
Mixing time: 3 + 6 minutes (spiral mixer)
Dough temperature: 28-30° C
Fermentation in bulk: 20 minutes
Final proof :50-60 minutes
Baking temperature: 220-230° C
Baking time: 24-26 minutes

Raw material Share(%) Quantity(kg)
Raža 100 10
Yeast 2.5 0.25
Salt 2 0.2
Water 60 6
Total:   16.45