This product is based on corn flour, intended for the production of mixed corn bread and pastry. Products prepared from these samples were easily digested, specific mild flavor,

aroma characteristic to corn. Corn flour is important for humans because it contains essential amino acid tryptophan, which is in other foods in small quantities and have the body can not synthesize it.

Dosage 100%

Product Weight before baking: 0.36 kg
Product Weight after baking: 0.30 kg
Total pieces of product: 45.1
Mixing time: 3 + 6 minutes (spiral mixer)
Dough temperature: 28-30 ° C
Fermentation in bulk: 20 minutes
Final proof :50-60 minutes
Baking temperature: 220-230 ° C
Baking time: 24-26 minutes

Raw material Share(%) Quantity(kg)
Kukuruza 100 10
Yeast 2.5 0.25
Salt 2 0.2
Water 58 5.8
Total:   16.25