The composition of the mixture of wheat flour results obtained by grinding the whole grain. In this way, they reflect all minerals, vitamins and proteins that provides the most important cereals in the diet.

Because of this, the products obtained from these samples were of high nutritional value and are recommended for all consumer groups. Crude fiber layer of the wheat regulate digestion and possess antiviral and anticancer properties.

Dosage 100%

Product Weight befora baking: 0.36 kg
Product Weight after baking: 0.30 kg
Total pieces of product: 45.6
Mixing time: 3 + 6 minutes (spiral mixer)
Dough temperature: 28-30 ° C
Fermentation in bulk: 20 minutes
Final proof :50-60 minutes
Baking temperature: 220-230 ° C
Baking time: 24-26 minutes

Raw material Share(%) Quantity(kg)
Vodeničar 100 10
Yeast 2.5 0.25
Salt 2 0.2
Water 60 6
Total:   16.45