Premium Čarolija

It is aimed at making bread and pastry.Carefuly selected seed oil crops, corns, wheat flour will give you unique taste and odor that will remain memorable. Mixture can be combined with

white flour or other mixtures, and thus participate in the creation of other products. In it’s structure has added salt and did not need to add later!

Dosage 100%

Product Weight before baking: 0.36 kg
Product Weight after baking0.30 kg
Total pieces of product: 43.47
Mixing time: 3 + 6 minutes (spiral mixer)
Dough temperature: 28-30 ° C
Fermentation in bulk: 20 minutes
Final proof :50-60 minutes
Baking temperature: 220-230 ° C
Baking time: 25-27 minutes

Raw material Share(%) Quantity(kg)
Čarolija 100 10
Yeast 2.5 0.25
Water 54 5.4
Total:   15.65