• wheat flour 100,00%
  • yeast 1,50 - 4,00%
  • salt 1,50 - 2,00%
  • additive 0,15 - 1,50%
  • water 48,00 - 62,00%

*Note: Normally run stake in the raw materials of bakery products in the percentage of raw materials compared to 100% of flour in the mixing. The ranges shown in the participation of some raw materials originate from there as their number depends on the quality of the product, kvbaliteta flour, ways of keeping the process, and the recommended dosage additives.

In addition to these basic ingredients in the production of bread are used and sometimes sugar, fat (animal or vegetable), wheat gluten and other flour.
Randman or yield of bread epresents the amount of bread made from a certain quantity of flour (including all other materials used in the process).
Yield of bread or randman is calculated by the following formula:

Randman (%) = the bread
x 100
spent flour