This scheme shows the stages of technological process of production of bread. This scheme is a direct process of production of bread from wheat flour that is most common. These are also the basic stages in the process of obtaining other bakery products, with different duration of individual phases, as well as other process parameters.

Preparation of raw materials

sieving, weighing, bringing into mixer


incorporating materials into a homogenous mass, 2.5 to 20 min. (Depending on the mixer type)

Fermentation in the mass

aging dough, after kneading, the first fermentation, from 0 to 30 min.
(And longer, with more kneading every 30 min.)

Separating and rounding

Dough pieces of desired size and forming into balls (test weight of approximately 10% greater than the mass of the baked product, but a lot depends on the type of product)

Intermediate fermentation

aging of separated pieces, 10 to 15 min.
(On the table or in the intermediate chamber)


shaping of dough in pieces of loaf or other desired shape

Final fermentation

final fermentation of dough pieces in the fermentation chamber under controlled conditions
(Humidity and temperature), 42 up to 90 minutes.


baking of dough pieces on a particular temperature, baking time depends on the type of product and weight (up to 40 min.)


cooling baked products to room temperature, 2 to 4 hours


package of refrigerated products in crates