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The most common deficiencies in the production of baked goods are removed in several ways, as a consequence of various causes.

1. Pale bark

  • increase the temperature of the dough, and work smoother mixing
  • provide a sufficient quantity of steam at the beginning of baking
  • check analysis on amilografu flour (we recommend a dedicated additive)

2. Dark spots on crust

  • extend the duration of fermentation in the mass
  • add more yeast
  • do warmer dough
  • extended mixing time (lack of homogenization of raw materials such as additives, sugar ...)
  • heck the operation of devices for production of process steam

3. Cracked the upper crust

  • do softer mix
  • educe the amount of flour for sprinkling
  • shorten the mixing time (if brief analysis of gluten in flour)
  • increase the temperature of baking

4. Lateral cracks in crust

  • do softer mix
  • extend the fermentation time
  • increase the amount of gluten-flour mix
  • adjust dosage of yeast and additives
  • increase the dosage of steam in the fermentation chamber and at the beginning of baking
  • before entering the furnace cut pieces of dough

5. Nonelastic crust

  • gradually cool products, storage should not be too cold
  • use specially additive containing an emulsifier

6. Separating the crust from the middle

  • use purposeful additive (if the analysis showed that the flour from germinated wheat)
  • reduce the temperature of baking

7. Crumbly areas

  • do softer mix
  • extend the duration of fermentation in bulk and roast
  • use the additive as recommended by
  • mix flour with a higher content of gluten flour

When determining the dose of additives should be taken into account the quality of flour, technology used and the recommended dose of additives. Overdosing adversely affects the quality, while too low dose will not give the expected results.